Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting Git and Thinking Sphinx

As I was looking into what I needed to do to use Sphinx in our project, I noticed that the Thinking Sphinx plugin uses Git. I don't have Git. So I'll now be getting Git. (yeah, yeah. it sounds funny. Big laugh. Stop it.)

This poses a particular problem for me because I am using a (**gasp**) Windows machine (quit laughing). Hey, right now it's buy a Mac or feed my kids. The kids win.

It turns out that there is a project called msysgit that is basically Git for Windows. So I'm downloading the installer from here. I'm hoping this is what I need to be able to install the Thinking Sphinx plugin.

Stand by...

Stand by some more...

Ok. I executed the .exe file and installed Git. I chose the option to run from the Windows cmd window (seemed logical to me) so that Git would be in my path. Installation was a snap! I've been officially forked.

Now I've opened my cmd window, navigated to the root directory of my project (this is important!) and typed in the command to install the Thinking Sphinx plugin:

ruby script/plugin install git://

Here comes the big moment...trepidation...anxiety...the shakes..."Enter"...Woohoo! I now have the Thinking Sphinx plugin in my vendors/plugins directory under my project. That wasn't too bad at all. Next time, I'll be downloading and installing Sphinx itself. Call the comedy club, cause that should be a riot!

See ya next post!


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