Thursday, September 18, 2008

Installing Sphinx on Windows

So now we come to the part of installing Sphinx on Windows. It turns out that it was not terribly difficult, but I had a hard time finding instructions on the web, so I'll post my steps here.

1. I downloaded Sphinx from the official Sphinx download site (I downloaded Win32 release binaries with MySQL support:

2. I unzipped the file into a temp folder.

3. I copied all of the files from the \sphinx-0.9.8-win32\bin directory into C:\Dev\Sphinx (you can put them in the directory of your choice).

4. I added C:\Dev\Sphinx to my Windows PATH

And Sphinx is installed. Nice, simple, easy.

In the next post, I'll see if I can actually set up some indexes and search with Thinking_Sphinx.

See ya next post!


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